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Anderson, A: Washi Tape Crafts
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Create one-of-a-kind holiday stationery, decorate a double-walled tumbler mug, dress up those window blinds, whip up some easy party decor, and more! It can all be done with one not-so-secret ingredient: washi tape¿the Japanese-style paper-based decorative masking tape that's hot on the crafting and stationery scene (Scotch/3M, Martha Stewart Craft, and Duck Tape brands each have their own lines). And it's easy to learn in Washi Tape Crafts¿a collection of more than 100 craft projects to make or embellish with washi tape, presented in this full-color, how-to, inspirational reference book packaged with 10 rolls of tape that have been designed exclusively for this book. The step-by-step instructions make projects for the home, fashion, gifts, and more even easier.

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